Shaq, Inq

SHAQ, INQ Executive Producers: Shaquille O’Neal, Mike Tollin   Producer: Dan Kaplow   Written by: Jeremy Garelick   Directed by: John Fortenberry   Starring:  Shaquille O’Neal, Miles Fisher and Meryl Hathaway   Released: 2015   Description: Loosely based on real life, Shaq manages an offbeat, yet capable group in his various crazy business ventures. [...]



Wunderkind Producers: Willy Mercer, Ron West, Jeremy Garelick, Tyler Greene   Showrunner: David Zuckerman   Written by: Tyler Greene   Network: Seeso   Description: He may be a five year old with a genius-level IQ, but Steven still has to go to kindergarten like everyone else.

The Campaigners


The Campaigners Created by: Jeremy Garelick, Aaron Cooley   Co-Producer: Sam Anzel   Written by: Aaron Cooley   Network: MTV   Description: A group of diverse Texas college students, each bogged down with their own social and political frustrations, decide to stick it to the man by inventing a fake public persona to run for Congress. [...]

Guy Marriage


Guy Marriage Producers: Wellesly Wild, Elon Gold, Jeremy Garelick, Willie Mercer   Written by: Wellesly Wild, Elon Gold, Jeremy Garelick   Showrunner: Wellesly Wild   Studio: 20th Century Fox   Network: CBS   Description: When two divorced (and straight) dads decide to get married to reap the countless tax benefits, their families become intertwined like a [...]

The Hustle


The Hustle Producers: Sean Combs, Jeremy Garelick, Stacey Harman   Written by: Jeremy Garlic, Stacey Harman   Studio: ABC   Description: A half-hour single camera comedy based on the relationship between Sean Combs and his assistant, Sarah Snedeker.

Used Cars


Used Cars Producers: Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, Jackie Levine, Jeremy Garelick, Mike Royce, Gloria Calderon-Kellett   Written by: Mike Royce & Gloria Calderon-Kellett   Directed by: Seth Gordon   Network: Hulu   Studio: Sony Pictures Television   Released: 2016   Description: Based on the Robert Zemeckis movie of the same title, a woman born into a used car dealership family [...]

The Rebels

The Rebels Executive Producers: Jeremy Garelick, Matt Alvarez, Ice Cube, Kevin Iwashina, Ross Dinerstein, Michael Strahan, Constance Schwartz, Jon Weinbach   Producer: Michael Nelson   Written by: Jeremy Garelick, Jon Weinbach   Directed by: Jay Chandrasekhar   Starring: Natalie Zea, Hayes McArthur, Affion Crockett, Josh Peck   Network: Amazon   Released: 2014   Description: Julie is [...]


Godbrother Executive Producers: Bonnie Goldfarb, Baker Smith, Theodore B. Bressman, Miles Fisher, David Branson Smith, Jeremy Garelick   Producers: Matt Benson, Chris Bremner   Written by: Theodore B. Pressman, David Branson Smith   Directed by: Jeremy Garelick   Starring: Miles Fisher, DJ Lubel   Released: 2014   Description: A self-confident aspiring actor moves in with [...]


Detour Executive Producers:  Rivers Cuomo, Dan Field, Steve Franks, Chris Henze, Willie Mercer   Producer:  Dan Kaplow   Written by:  Steve Franks   Directed by: Jeremy Garelick   Starring: Ben Aldridge, Peter Gallagher, Olivia Thirlby   Released: 2015   Description:   A show based on Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo and his decision to return to [...]